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Digital Marketing & Productions

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There's a misconception that promotional videos and explainer videos are only affordable for million-dollar tech startups and large corporations. In reality, these videos are short, memorable, and easy to understand, making them perfect for any business or organization, regardless of size or budget.

These videos are powerful tools that simplify your message and communicates it with clarity. Whether you're introducing a new product, explaining a complex service, telling your brand's story, or promoting yourself, promotional and explainer videos can captivate your audience like no other.

With lively animations and relatable characters, an explainer video quickly captures attention. A live promotional video puts a face and voice to the company taking it beyond your product or program. These boost brand awareness, reach, audience engagement, and leaves a lasting impression.

If you're not using videos for your business, you could be missing out on valuable traffic. Promotional and explainer videos are cost-effective and offer an excellent return on investment.

Production Services

At Off the Page, we specialize in crafting compelling visual stories tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're looking for animated or whiteboard explainer videos, attention-grabbing promotional content, or a blend of live action and motion graphics, we've got you covered.

Our process begins with a hands-on approach, where we work closely with you through every step of pre-production. This includes understanding your audience, objectives, resources, budget, and timelines to ensure that we deliver a video that resonates with your target audience.


During pre-production, we'll collaborate with you to determine the specifics of your video, including scripting, storyboarding, shoot locations (if applicable), talent selection, and scheduling. This collaborative effort ensures that your vision is translated seamlessly into the final product.


In post-production, we bring your video to life by meticulously editing raw footage, incorporating sound design, visual effects, and adding finishing touches to create captivating narratives. Our goal is to deliver a video that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Elevate your digital presence with captivating graphics tailored to suit your needs. We specialize in infusing an extra layer of pizazz into your organizational knowledge hubs, websites, presentations, and more, using dynamic digital graphics.


Infographics: Whether you prefer static, animated, or interactive formats, we design infographics that convey complex information in an easily digestible and visually appealing manner.


Presentation Graphics: Take your presentations to the next level with eye-catching visuals that leave a lasting impression on your audience. From compelling charts and graphs to striking imagery, we enhance your content to captivate and engage.

Annual Reports: Bring your annual reports to life with stunning visuals that showcase your achievements and data in a compelling narrative. We transform routine reports into interactive experiences that resonate with your stakeholders.

Customized Approach: Whether creating from scratch or reimagining existing content, we tailor our services to meet your unique requirements. We work closely with you to understand your audience, objectives, content needs, budget, and timelines, ensuring that we deliver high-quality, engaging content that exceeds your expectations.

Let us take your content "off the page" and into the digital realm, where creativity knows no bounds. Partner with us to elevate your digital marketing efforts and stand out in today's competitive landscape.

Digital Marketing


Use this space to share a testimonial quote about the business, its products or its services. Insert a quote from a real customer or client here to build trust and win over site visitors.

Saharan Louret, OH

Use this space to share a testimonial quote about the business, its products or its services. Insert a quote from a real customer or client here to build trust and win over site visitors.

Fabian Baracca, MN

Use this space to share a testimonial quote about the business, its products or its services. Insert a quote from a real customer or client here to build trust and win over site visitors.

Mouna Gonzato, NJ

Increase Brand Awareness
Videos boost brand awareness and create a lasting, memorable impressions. They delight existing customers and entice new ones. Well-crafted animated videos evoke emotions, showcase brand personality, and subtly promote products.

5 Reasons Why Videos Work

Explain ideas, products, services or show off your brand

To engage customers effectively, products or services must be explained in a way that keeps the client engaged and wanting to know more. Text alone may not suffice. Animation offers a compelling storytelling approach that everyone can understand.

Boost conversions and sales
Video content keeps users on a website 1.4x longer, increasing the likelihood of action completion, like filling out a contact form. Animated videos are more engaging than text, leading to higher viewership and, with a call to action, improved conversions and sales.

Engaging and entertaining
Animation is often associated with entertainment rather than marketing, making consumers more engaged compared to traditional ads that are perceived as sales pitches. Moreover, videos are an excellent medium to show off your personality and connect with your audience on a deeper level. 

Animated video can be easily updated 

In the fast-moving digital world, staying relevant is vital. Animated videos can be easily updated without a complete reshoot, unlike traditional videos. This flexibility makes it fast and affordable to adapt to changes in audience targeting or messaging.






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